Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Can I use my own truck cap?

A: No. For the mechanical arm to work properly, and ensure the integrity of the truck cap remains sound, we have designed our caps to fit all standard and extended truck beds. Some exceptions can be made if you have a truck cap with a flange  that does not extend below the bed rail. 

Q: How much space is lost in the truck bed due to the mechanical arm? 

A: Our unit is designed to mount over the wheel well to maintain the 48" plus dimension between wells. ​​

Q: How high does the cap lift?

A: When lifted to its highest point, a 6'5" person can stand upright in the bed of the truck, and there is 48" at the opening.  

Q: Can the truck cap lift from either side?

A: Yes, although once installed, it is highly recommended that you DO NOT switch sides. 

Q: What is the cost to add a wheelchair lift?

A: It depends on the lift. Please call (248) 577-9800 to learn more about the available options and pricing.

Q: Can you power the unit from the cab of the truck?

A: Yes, a hand held pendent comes with the unit. Wireless units are available for purchase, as well. 

Q: How is the mechanical arm powered?

A: The unit is wired directly from the vehicle's 12 V battery. The circuit is protected by a thermal breaker, and there is no power drainage when the unit is not in use.